Awake Now

Shih Tzu on Pillows

Awake Now, Oil on Canvas, 6×6

I did a second painting of this adorable little dog since I now have an out-of-state gallery to paint for in McGregor, IA.  Pert is now in Iowa and Awake Now will be in Mineral Point, at the Phoebe’s Nest.  The natural light in this painting suggests an afternoon spent propped on pillows in the living room, perhaps with a comforter wrapped around the legs and a dog on the lap, reading a book or watching an old movie.  The weather in Wisconsin has been so abysmal this week, rainy with a howling wind.  I’ve been painting in my warm, messy studio, staying cozy, but ending my days with episodes of Mr. Selfridge and The Miss Fisher Mysteries, both of which I adore.