Idol Worshipper

Since I won’t be able to paint for the next couple of days, I’m posting this mostly finished companion piece to my Lady Finger Cake. What I need to still do is paint a few of the guard hairs on Pippin’s coat and work on the curtain behind, toning down the color and painting the brocade with more precision.

Reconstructing my life in the wake of my husband’s death has been pretty all consuming. I am trying to get back on track before the Fall Art Tour, but 2010 will just go down on record as my Year of Personal Disaster. I know I have dropped out of sight painting-wise, but hopefully, as more pressing matters are taken care of, I will be able to resurface.

I will be working on a Faux Wood Concrete Bench this summer. Matt’s ashes are to be buried on our land in Eagle River and I am going to make a place to sit down nearby. A friend, Andy, and I have been doing research about how to do it, as we’re novices. Andy knows concrete though. His business is making concrete countertops. I’m excited about learning to do this and will no doubt blog the process.

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2 thoughts on “Idol Worshipper

  1. Renee

    Hey there! I love your pug painting. I too love pugs… I have two. I also love to paint and always looking for others that paint pugs online for inspiration. I had a great laugh when I noticed that your pug was also named Pippin!

    Pippin and Manny are my lovely pug friends. Thank you for posting!

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