Phantom in Progress

Well, it has arrived, the weekend of the Fall Art Tour. Southwest Wisconsin will draw hundreds of visitors to tour the studios of working artists, enjoy the fall colors, listen to live music and eat in the many excellent restaurants in the area. It’s a very good time. We artists will demonstrating our crafts and showing off a year’s work. I will be working on this painting, inspired by the Phantom of the Opera. It’s 24×36, a fairly large canvas. I’m thoroughly enjoying the romance of the concept. As soon as I’m finished I’ll blog the result, but here are a couple of areas of the painting that are pretty well developed.

My daughter found this quote from Simonides, a Greek poet, to put on my portrait brochure (right up my alley because I was a Greek major in college):

“Painting is silent poetry and poetry is painting with the gift of speech.”

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