Santa Fe, Fifth Installment, Scroll Down for the Beginning of the Story

Here are Andrea and I at the San Jose de los Jemez Mission church ruins.

We tried to reach another National Monument before the end of the day, but ran out of time. We did drive through Los Alamos and saw the US Scientific Research Center and the Valles Caldera though. Remember that volcano I mentioned with reference to the “tuff” in Frijoles Canyon? The Caldera was once the crater of that megavolcano, 600 times more violent than the eruption of Mount St. Helens. It’s now a natural preserve, a grassy valley with elk herds.

On my last day in Santa Fe, Andrea and I went back to the galleries along Santa Fe’s Canyon Rd. I want to particularly mention Meyer Gallery, where I saw another Dan Gerhartz painting called Renewal, and Downey Gallery, which will shortly be hosting an exhibition of a Russian artist, Natashia Milashevich, who paints women and girls in Russian folk costumes. I love her subjects and her technique. I wish I could find images of all the paintings I saw of hers. Perhaps when the exhibition is actually mounted, the Downey Gallery Site will have them all available to view online. At Mclarry Fine Art, I enjoyed the figurative paintings of Johanna Harmon.

That’s all we had time for. Thanks to Jordan at Meyer Gallery and Dennis Downey for directing us to paintings we loved.

At that point, we had to go grocery shopping and I needed to drive Andrea to meet her family in Abiqui, about an hour north of Santa Fe. We entirely filled the back of my Rogue with groceries to feed her family for a week. They certainly couldn’t have found room for both their luggage and their groceries in their own vehicle. Abiqui was in the mountains. I just had a chance to see what a gorgeous place it was before I had to turn back towards Santa Fe.

Farewell to a part of the country I will be anxious to return to. The next day I drove to Albuquerque and flew back to the frigid Midwest, a bit of a shock.

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