Farewell to Maine and on to Salem, Mass

David, Maria and Devi on Clark Island
My husband, Matt

The House of Seven Gables

It took us only three and a half hours to drive from Warren, MN to Salem, MA. We debated whether to find a hotel and spend the night, but when we mentioned our desire to drive into Boston proper at the Visitor’s Center in Salem, the response was, “Are you crazy?” He quickly took it back, but we decided to head for home a day early.

Fortunately for us, the House of Seven Gables stayed open for tours until seven o’clock, so we had the time to tour another 17th Century Home, the so-called Witch House. I had an interesting conversation with the guide within about the atrocities of Indian Warfare and he reommended a new history of the Salem Witch Trials that suggests the critical paranoia that led to so many arrests and executions had everything to do with the general terror of attack during the Second Indian War, in which New England settlers were massacred by the Indian allies of Count Frontenac in Quebec. The Puritans imagined that these turns of fortune were God’s punishment on them for their sins and set about rooting out the evil in their midst.

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Birth Place
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