More retouches

Oil painting of Odysseus and Circe, modern dress

Odysseus and Circe retouched

On the Salesman and the Farm Wife, I softened the contrast of the grass against the gravel on the road at the back of the painting.  I touched up the pigs almost all of them and repainted the grass.  Last year, I painted down to the wire for the Artsbuild Show 2011 and submitted the painting still wet.  I wasn’t quite satisfied though and always intended to go back to it.  I also intensified the contrast of the sun shining on the Salesman’s hair, worked on his coat a bit and darkened the frame of the doors.  I didn’t touch the Farm Wife.  I still think she’s perfectly lovely, like a French model… an American farmhouse.  Go figure!

But it’s myth, right?  So anything can happen.

The Salesman and the Farm Wife, aka Odysseus and Circe, Oil on Canvas, 12×24, 12×24, $1200 USD