Fishing at Cox Hollow

The Fishing Tree

Growing up, I entertained myself by illustrating stories and characters from books, and as an adult, I still do.  I naturally became a figurative artist for that reason.  I continue to be inspired by literature and history, myth, my Finnish heritage and love of dogs and horses.

A Word About the Greek Myth Paintings

Ever since Classical times, artists have borrowed subjects from Greek Myth.  It is one of the two great fonts of culturally shared stories in the West, the other being subjects from the Bible.

Owing to the non-sacred nature of Greek myths, these stories have provided a malleable source of figures and situations for artistic interpretation.  Greek Myth has also been used by Jungian psychologists (the Oedipus and Zeus Complexes, the Psyche Syndrome), and endlessly by writers and composers (most famously in opera, Orfeo ed Euridice and Iphigenie en Tauride by Gluck) throughout history in every country.

I am a passionate reader of history and lover of art, as well as a former Greek Major in college.  Therefore I paint Greek Myths.

Following the practice of the Italian Renaissance, where artists portrayed the mythology of Greece and Rome in the dress and architecture of their own times. in my own paintings of Greek Myth, I’ve asked myself what might have been the setting, the prop, the costume were these mythical characters to appear in the modern world.

Where I Am Going

I’m increasingly drawn to landscapes.  I most admire naturalistic realists like Charles-Francois Daubigny of the Barbizon School in 19th Century France; Alfred Munnings, who traveled the English countryside, painting horse fairs, hunts and circuses; and Isaak Levitan, who painted the landscapes of his native Russia.  I love the way those artists painted, the landscapes so much more real than those of the Impressionists.  The rural world they lived in doesn’t exist anymore, like as it may be to southwestern Wisconsin, where I live.  Here we have paved roads, No Trespassing signs and automobiles whizzing by.  I know half of what draws me is their pre-mechanized world, where lives were spent largely outdoors.  I will be looking for natural scenes to paint in future, scenes that evoke a less digitized, scheduled, indoor life.