Marble Girl on Red Chair in Progress

I enjoyed painting this marble bust of a Victorian Girl in miniature, so I decided to do it again on a larger canvas. I chose the red chair and blue drapery to set off the pearly brightness of the marble. (It’s one of my favorite color combinations for decorating.) When I return to the stilllife, I will have to warm up my whites; it’s easy to see in this photo that the tones of the bust I’ve brushed in so far are too cool.

I’m going away for the weekend and won’t be able to work on the Marble Girl until next week. However, I am taking a small painting with me and plan to work on it as I enjoy looking out of our cabin at the lacy, budding branches of Wisconsin’s Northwoods in May, and in between hikes in the woods and lazy hours (?) spent reading a novel. (I’m just finishing Ian McEwan’s “Atonement”, which is so wonderfully written. Wow!) It’s another Pug painting….I feel a rash of Pug paintings coming on. If all goes well, I will be able to post the completed “Pug With Glamorous Legs” next week.

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1 thought on “Marble Girl on Red Chair in Progress

  1. Maria

    Pug with Glamorous Legs? You titillate your readers so! I really like the red chair combo…with bust…one wonders why is the bust there? It asks a question, but is also beautiful. I look forward to seeing that…and I like the color combo also! That would look good in my house, I think….

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