Coconut Macaroon Pie

Coconut Macaroon Pie is a specialty of Brewery Creek, a very popular micro-brewery and eatery in Mineral Point. It’s generally served with a decorative drizzle of chocolate sauce too, but I thought that bit was too perishable to stay perfect while I painted, so I left it off. The whipped cream melted in about five minutes, a good indicator.

Here is another poem by John Donne:

Love’s Diet

To what a cumbersome unwieldiness
And burdenous corpulence my love had grown,
But that I did, to make it less,
And keep it in proportion,
Give it a diet, made it feed upon
That which love worst endures, discretion.

Above one sigh a day I allow’d him not,
Of which my fortune, and my faults had part;
And if sometimes by stealth he got
A she-sigh from my mistress’ heart,
And though to feast on that, I let him see
‘Twas neither very sound, nor meant to me.

If he wrung from me a tear, I brin’d it so,
With scorn or shame, that him it nourish’d not;
If he suck’d hers, I let him know
‘Twas not a tear, which he had got,
His drink was counterfeit, as was his meat;
For eyes which roll towards all, weep not, but sweat.

Whatever he would dictate, I writ that,
But burnt my letters; when she writ to me,
And that that favor made him fat,
I said, if any title be
Convey’d by this, ah! what doth it avail,
To be fortieth name in an entail?

Thus I reclaim’d my buzzard love, to fly
At what, and when, and how, and where I choose;
Now negligent of sport I lie,
And now as other falconers use,
I spring a mistress, swear, write, sigh and weep:
And the game kill’d, or lost, go talk and sleep.

I’m continuing to read about Mary Queen of Scotts and Queen Elizabeth I, this interest inspired by Philippa Gregory’s novel, The Other Queen. Gregory paints an alarming picture of suspicion and fear in Tudor England, where a personal avowal of faith or sympathy could bring an accusation of treason. (In Gregory’s book, this malaise of distrust emanates from William Cecil, Lord Burghley, about whom I was certainly given another view. I’d formerly thought of him simply as Elizabeth’s wisest advisor. From another perspective, he was a man who created enemies where there formerly were none.) I wondered how bad it really was and am reading further to find out. A succinct, fun to read, and enlightening account is Her Majesty’s Spymaster by Stephen Budiansky.

Coconut Macaroon Pie, Oil on Canvas, 6×6, Commissioned

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