Mostly Art and Some Literature

During the Fall (Studio) Art Tour (Mineral Point, WI), a colleague from work offered to model for me.

Throughout the history of Western Civilization, artists have been painting and sculpting subjects from Greek myths.  I want to give this tradition a nod by painting modern subjects that follow the same themes, tongue in cheek.  Since the myths themselves are so famous, one can recognize in a single description, like “The Judgment of Paris,”  that it involves a handsome young man who is offered too many choices for flattery by powerful and vain goddesses.  It’s a no win situation.  There you go.  What a picture that would make!

So, I considered what  character in Greek myths beautiful, fierce Bethany might portray. I considered Circe, but on this specific day, since an indoor setting was required due to weather. I hit upon Medea, the most dire and effective example of a woman done wrong that I can think of.  Bethany  was trained as an actress and has actually played Medea on stage. The photo (right) was my first idea of a pose. Bethany has arresting aquamarine eyes and a physiognomy in which one can still see Native American ancestry.



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