Rosewind Studio North: Artemis

Nona Hyytinen painting Artemis in Eagle River

Painting Artemis in Eagle River


I haven’t been blogging in a while, so I’m making posts for this past summer.  In July, I spent a week in Eagle River, WI at My Brother’s Cabin.  It has that name because that’s the way it was always referred to by Matt and his brother, Mike, who co-owned the house and hunting acreage.  I always called it Borusa Stan, which means “‘Possum Lodge” in Croatian.  Fans of Red Green will recognize that name.  On rainy mornings, when the weather wasn’t good for boating or swimming, I set up in the overhang of our garage and began this painting.  I had taken photographs of a trainee of mine at Lands’ End during the past winter, who had that long-legged, gamin beauty I’ve always imagined in Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, or Diana, as the Romans called her.  My “Artemis” is in a northern clime, hunting on skis, with wolves as her hounds.