The Horse Thief

The Horse Thief, 8x10, Oil on Canvas, $325

The Horse Thief, 8×10, Oil on Canvas, $350

For this, my latest small painting, I was thinking of the marvelous black and white oil sketches by Howard Pyle I’d seen at the Delaware Art Museum last year.

Dick Turpin by Howard Pyle

I had originally planned to paint it in black and white, but started sketching in the dark green of the evergreens behind and the scarlet mask and that was the last of the black and white plan.  I also thought of the magical and weird paintings Jamie Wyeth has done (see below) in similar lighting, i.e. the last rays of sun or strong moonlight. .  I’ve been fortunate enough to see some of them in the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockport, ME.  They are all large paintings.  Frankly, I can never get enough of Jamie Wyeth’s paintings.  I wish more of them were in museums, but I’m sure they’re mostly owned by private collectors.


The Wanderer by Jamie Wyeth

Dandelions by Jamie Wyeth

Scotia Prince by Jamie Wyeth

Cat Bates of Monhegan by Jamie Wyeth

Catching Snowflakes by Jamie Wyeth

The Thief by Jamie Wyeth