Some retouches

Portrait of a girl reading

No Frigate like a Book

In preparation for being the featured artist at Longbranch Gallery (Mineral Point) in December 2011, I retouched some paintings, improving edges, heightening or diminishing contrast, or just changing things that bugged me.  On No Frigate like a Book, I softened the edges of her upper arms, her shoulder on the right, the back of the chair and repainted the shine on her hair.  I also gave the pages of the book a bit of sepia tone, though you can’t tell at all in the picture.  I immediately liked it better, because the areas of greatest contrast and interest were enhanced.  The parts I wanted to draw less attention to, even though they were well lit, like her upper arms, now have softer edges.  It’s a better painting now.

Girl holding pug

Girl with Pug retouched

On Girl with Pug, again featuring my beloved model, Anna, I softened the shadowed side of her sleeve to make it recede more.  It’s not the way it actually was.  The old, muslin fabric of the blouse became whiter where it doubled at the crease.  In reality, it looked quite bright on the underside of  her arm, but it always bothered me.  So, I changed it.

No Frigate Like a Book, Oil on Canvas, 20×24, $1000 USD

Girl with Pug, Oil on Canvas, 11×14, $425 USD