Sauna Girl

Sauna Girl

Sauna Girl, Oil on Canvas, 8×10

I did these paintings earlier in the spring, but hadn’t blogged them, because my connecting cable to upload pictures from my SLR to the computer stopped working, and it’s taken me this long to get a new cord.  I had pix on my camera, but they weren’t really high enough resolution.

Afternoon Sauna

Afternoon Sauna, Oil on Canvas, 9×12

For those of you who don’t follow Rosewind Studio on Facebook, where I’d posted these before, we had an absolute hoot taking pictures.  The snow was melting, so we had to work fast.  My daughter was out there trying to stand in the snow, first lifting one foot and rubbing it vigorously on her calf, then the other, while the pugs kept trying to get in the picture and we kept laughing, because it was broad daylight and we were just out in our yard.  (We live on the edge of town, so the view South is fields and woods, as in the paintings.)  She had a swimsuit on under the beach towel, by the way.  Sauna Girl is for sale at the McGregor Marquette (Iowa) Art Center and Afternoon Sauna is for sale at Phoebe’s Nest in Mineral Point (Wisconsin).