Equine Painting Workshop, Day Two

After sight sizing yesterday, today we made a comparison drawing in charcoal from a smaller photograph. The idea was to take comparative measurements on the photograph, such as the distance between the ear of the horse to the heel of the boot of the rider and compare it to some other distance, such as the hock of the right hind leg to the coronet of the front right hoof, then maintain the same ratios in the drawing. We were working with vine charcoal of a medium softness. I haven’t done much charcoal drawing, so this was a learning experience. I now own a charcoal sharpener (which is a bit like rigid sandpaper on a handle) as well as a tablet of charcoal paper. It’s very useful to do a preliminary charcoal drawing to establish the tonal values you will want to maintain before adding the element of color. As you can see, I didn’t work much on Geneia’s head. I was concentrating on getting the horse down accurately.

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