The Waterhouse Exhibit, Montreal

The Siren 1900

Destiny 1900
Of all Waterhouse’s paintings, Destiny has my vote for sheer prettiness. It’s something about the beauty of her face, the red dress and background, which is both simple and complex. It’s one of Waterhouse’s tricks to provide views in both directions, a complete world, while only looking in one.

Nymphs Finding the Head of Orpheus 1900
I’m doing paintings of Orpheus too, but I think I’ll avoid the floating head which continues to sing theme. (Orpheus was torn apart by Maenads, worshippers of Dionysus, who basically went up into the mountains, drank too much and really misbehaved.) His body was buried, but his head and lyre floated down the river Hebrus to the (Mediterranean) Sea.
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