German Chocolate Cupcake

In about two minutes, I’m going to eat this! Today is my first Open Studio and Gallery Day for the season (May through October). I’ll be back later to post a poem, but I’ve got a couple more hours to paint.

I’ve just purchased and begun reading a biography of John Donne, entitled The Reformed Soul by John Stubbs. So with reference to that I’ll post a Donne poem:


Oh, to vex me, contraries meet in one:

Inconstancy unnaturally hath begot

A constant habit; that when I would not

I change in vows, and in devotion.

As humorous is my contrition

As my profane love, and as soon forgot:

As riddlingly distemper’d, cold and hot,

As praying, as mute; as infintite, as none.

I durst not view heaven yesterday; and today

In prayers, and flattering speeches I court God:

Tomorrow I quake with true fear of his rod.

So my devout fits come and go away

Like a fantastic ague: save that here

Those are my best days, when I shake with fear.

German Chocolate Cupcake, Oil on Canvas, 6×6, $200.00 USD


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2 thoughts on “German Chocolate Cupcake

  1. Jason Peck

    Beautiful work. Im glad I found your blog. I really enjoyed your post on Lipking’s workshop. I do have a question about that. Do you recall what color and value Jeremy had under his glass palette?

    Best, Jason

  2. Nona Hyytinen

    Thank you, Jason. You know, that’s a good question about Jeremy Lipking’s palette. It seems to me it was a sort of grey/green underneath. It wasn’t white. My best guess is that it was grey. That seems to be a touchstone color for him. His studio walls, I have read, are a sort of blue/grey.

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