Detail on Artemis


This painting was in the Longbranch Gallery for 2 1/2 months before someone noticed that I’d forgot to string the bow!  I can’t believe it didn’t occur to me.  Oh well, it’s strung now!


Never better, mad as a hatter,

right as rain, might and main,

hanky panky, hot toddy,

hoity-toity, cold shoulder,

bowled over, rollin clover,

low blow, no soap, hope

against hope, pay the piper,

liar liar pants on fire,

high and dry, shoo-fly pie,

fiddle-faddle, fit as a fiddle,

sultan of swat, muskrat

ramble, fat and sassy,

flimflam, happy as a clamj,

cat’s pajamas, bee’s knees,

peas in a pod, pleased as punch,

pretty as a picture, nothing much,

lift the latch, double Dutch

helter-skelter, hurdy-gurdy,

early-bird, feathered friend,

dumb cluck, buck up,

shilly-shally, willy-nilly,

roly-poly, holy moly,

loose lips sink ships,

spitting image, nip in the air,

hale and hearty, part and parcel,

upsy-daisy, lazy days,

maybe baby, up to snuff,

flibertigibbet, honky-tonk,

spic and span, handyman,

cool as a cucumber, blue moon,

high as a kite, night and noon,

love me or leave me, seventh heaven,

up and about, over and out.

Sharon Bryan

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