Faux Bois Bench II

Bark Sculpture on Faux Bois Bench

Sculpted Bark

The second step in making Faux Bois is pressing the concrete mixture into the wire armature.  You can see three steps in the pictures in this Blog entry.  On the right side of the bench above and in the picture below, you’ll see one coat of concrete.

Concrete forced through wire armature

Concrete forced through wire armature

  I began with the supporting legs and the back.

Second coat of concrete on Faux Bois Bench

Second coat, beginnings of bark

I didn’t immediately cover the entire bench with concrete, because I wanted to keep it from getting too heavy to lift.  I was working in my garage here in early October, with winter coming on, heating the space with an electric heater, using daylight, when it was available, and reflector lights, when it wasn’t.  The heaviest part of the bench will be the seat, so I left that concrete free for the moment.  After the initial layer of concrete had cured, I began laying on a second coat. You can see a sort of Red Pine look on the right cross-support.  In the top picture, I’ve decided I wanted Ash bark instead.

At this point, I have the entire bench covered in concrete.  It is sitting in a corner of my garage for the time being.  I’m hoping I can arrange a better (read warmer and brighter) place to work on it over the winter, but if I can’t, it will simply live in my garage until spring.