Joanne’s Signature Cream Cake

This is a commissioned painting of a very lush cake indeed, which you can buy for dessert at Gundry and Gray on High Street in Mineral Point. I recommend it.

I was hoping to have begun working by now on the “Tunnel” painting I mentioned in my last Blog, but the weather here in Wisconsin has turned cold, windy and wet once more. Good days for studio work. I am opening my Studio and Gallery up to the public from May to October, regularly on Thursdays and often on other days, including some weekends — the gate will open and the Open Sign hung, so please stop in.

This year I plan to do more large pieces, so I will be blogging progress reports. I’m exploring myths and romances with a modern twist. Remember to check back.

Here’s a poem by Cynthia Fuller:

Today you grasped
the stars as
they were slipping off
the edge of my horizon
and shook them back
into the sky.

You are
can leave me

My skin is alive
with the soft imprint
of your mouth.
How many miracles
can there be?

As I burnt your letters
the pages spread and curled
like fire roses.

Joanne’s Cream Cake, 6×6, Oil on Canvas, Commissioned

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