Coconut Macaroon Pie II

This subject is a commission and because my first version had a funky composition, I painted the pie again….classically centered.

My exciting news vis a vis a new painting project is that I’ve located some PIGS to paint at last. I’ve need pigs for my rendition of the Circe myth and it’s been proving an obstacle, but this week on my way to my friend Josephine’s house, I passed a pen with a very likely-looking pink fellow in it. I determined to stop on my way back. The “fellow” turned out to be a sow, complete with family, but there did seem to be a husband in the background, a boar with a black middle. I drove into the driveway without hesitation and introduced myself (with business card) at the back door. The Lady of the Manor gave me permission to return with a camera, so I’m thrilled!

For today, another poem by John Donne:

The Triple Fool

I am two fools, I know,

for loving, and for saying so

In whining poetry;

But where’s that wiseman, that would not be I,

If she would not deny!

Then as the earth’s inward narrow crooked lanes

Do purge sea water’s fretful salt away,

I thought, if I could draw my pains

Through rhyme’s vexation, I should them allay,

Grief brought to numbers cannot be so fierce,

For he tames it, that fetters it in verse.

But when I have done so,

Some man, his art and voice to show,

Doth set and sing my pain,

And, by delighting many, frees again

Grief, which verse did restrain.

To love and grief tribute of verse belongs,

But not of such as pleases when ’tis read,

Both are increased by such songs:

For both their triumphs so are published,

And I, which was two fools, do so grow three;

Who are a little wise, the best fools be.

Coconut Macaroon Pie, Oil on Canvas, 6×6

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  1. Anonymous

    That whipped cream looks like it’s going to jump off the canvas!

    I’m hungry.


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