Why I didn’t paint this week:

I have just spent a week working for my friend, Sonja, shuttling luggage, tents and towels for a Bike Tour, so I didn’t have a chance to paint. I did get to spend some time in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, an area of high hills and coulees, with the Mississippi River running through the middle of it. I also discovered Lanesboro, Minnesota, an absolutely charming town on the Root River. It is the home of a weekly public radio show called Over the Back Fence, which Midwest Scenic Bike Tours had arranged for us to see; the Root River, where we rented kayaks and managed to lose a wedding ring, a watch and a pair of glasses in the course of several capsizes; the Root River Bike Trail; and a wonderful city park with two trout ponds (equipped with melodious fountains to keep the water aerated). There are many fine Bed and Breakfasts and the food at the Riverside is wonderful. I visited the Cornucopia Art Center, where I particularly admired the atmospheric paintings of Adam Reef and the textural photographs of Ron Germundson.

This week I’m going to Eagle River, Wisconsin on vacation. I will not be able to blog, but I WILL BE ABLE TO PAINT! (I’ve just finished packing my paints and equipment.) I’m suffering withdrawal.