My Trip to Pennsylvania, Part One

I’ve been in Pennsylvania this week, visiting one of my oldest friends,
Julie Good-Kruger (or Julaine Emile, as I more frequently think of her — it was her pen name in our enthusiastic correspon- dence). We were in Oxford, England together as Juniors from Saint Olaf College, as was also my friend, Josephine (see Plein Air Painting at Perry Creek, April 21 Post). We lived together afterward in Northfield, MN, as we finished our degrees in Classics. Julie had spent an extra year in Oxford and dreamed of financing a second degree there by making porcelain artist dolls. She never did that degree, but she was a successful doll artist for years (see Good-Kruger Dolls). I lived with her and her husband, Tim, again for four months in Pennsylvania before I was married, where I learned the process for making original porcelain dolls. After I married Matt, I too became a doll artist for four years, originally with my cousin, Caryn, as business partner, under the business name, Maattala Artist Dolls. Maattala was the Finnish maiden name of both our mothers.

Julie now owns and runs Inglenook Tile, a company that makes brick tiles for interior and exterior use.

In the pictures you see Julie and her daughter, Kristina, in Lancaster’s Historic Market. Below that is the 18th century mill, Julie and Tim bought and restored.

To the right is Lorna Doone, the last Maattala Artist Doll I made , after Caryn left the business to raise her children.

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