Plein Air Painting at Perry Creek, Day Two

To the right is my first plein -air pain- ting at the end of the second day. I’m planning on returning later in the summer, when the colors of the foliage are present, to work on it further.

I finished the afternoon at the falls further upstream. I began the second painting by painting much more thinly. As you can see from the photograph, there is a large flat rock obscuring my view of the water below the falls, but I’ve decided to remove it in the painting. I didn’t get that far on this painting, but I like my start better and look forward to returning.
Plein-air pain- ting along a pretty stream with the con- stant sound of the flowing water and no bugs, especially with a friend along to while away the time in conversation and reading aloud, has to be one of the pleasantest possible ways to spend an afternoon.

And we didn’t pick up a single tick…..

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1 thought on “Plein Air Painting at Perry Creek, Day Two

  1. eclecticallyyours

    I like how it turned out so far! Bring that easel to Maine and I promise I’ll pull a Josephine and read Millay to you whilst you paint! Sounds like the two of you had a wonderful time!

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