Walking to the Barn

Leading the Horses

Walking to the Barn, Oil on Canvas, 6×6

Stables have been a part of my life ever since my daughter was seven years old, when I began to cart her to riding lessons every week.  I always loved being there, even when the arena was about 20 degrees and our hands and feet were freezing.  It was my job to rush out with a rake and pick up horse muck before the working rider came around the arena again.  My daughter’s interest in horses has never flagged.  This is a scene from her daily life at Endless Valley Stables, a boarding barn with access to 32 miles of trails, lodging and camping, clinics and horse shoes.  She’s still out in every kind of weather, even this past winter when there was a 40 degree below zero wind chill.  The horses must be fed and brought into the barn for their protection.